Fatty Liver & Diabetes

Fatty Liver & Diabetes


Session 3: Recognizing NAFLD in your practice - Panel Discussion
Hall A​

Why Should You Care about NAFLD? 

A review of disease epidemiology and natural history highlighting the prevalence and currently un met clinical needs. 

Quentin M. Anstee (UK)

How Common is NASH in your Diabetes Clinic? 
Elisabetta Bugianesi (Italy)

How Common is NASH in Primary Care? 
Stephen A. Harrison (USA) 

Opening Ceremony
Hall A​

Keynote Lecture - The social, economic and public health impact of obesity
Speaker to be announced

Friday June 2​

​Session 5: Diabetes and NAFLD - Panel Discussion / Audience Questions and Answers
Hall A​

Diabetes and NAFLD - is it One Disease Two Target Organs 

The talk will focus on this epidemic, help clarify the reasons for accelerated NASH risk in diabetes and discuss new aspects of therapy today and in the future.

Jerry L. Nadler (USA)

Towards Diabetes Cure-implications for NAFLD
Manu V. Chakravarty (USA) 

Entero-hepatic Lipid-signaling in the Metabolic Syndrome and NAFLD

The liver and intestine reciprocally cross-talk through lipid-signaling molecules to activate transcriptional networks and signaling cascades controlling the expression and activity of genes involved in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, energy expenditure, inflammation and fibrosis. This inter-organ signaling including an interplay with the gut microbiota impacts on pathophysiological conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, CVD and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and hence has potential therapeutic applications.

Bart Staels (France)

The Great Debate - Will NAFLD Become an Irrelevant Clinical Entity with Tight Glycemic Control?

Yes - Hannele Yki-Järvinen (Finland)
No - María Teresa Arias-Loste (Spain)

Session 6: Drug Safety in a Primary Care Setting - Lecture
Hall A

Challenges in Assessment of DILI in Obese Diabetic Individuals 
Raul J. Andrade (Spain) 


Session 10: What to do When You Find the Disease: Behavior Modification - Lecture
Hall A

Managing the Low Risk Patient…Providing Practical Advice Regarding Diet
and Exercise – Hepatologist Perspective
Manuel Romero Gomez (Spain)

Managing the Low Risk Patient…Providing Practical Advice Regarding Diet
and Exercise – Nutritionist Perspective

The talk will provide a practical, evidence-based, effective approach for the lifestyle treatment of NAFLD patients. 

Shira Zelber Sagi (Israel)

Food Addiction, Impulsivity and Eating Disorders in Patients with NAFLD
Gerry Moeller (USA)

Alcohol Consumption in the Obese Diabetic Subject- How Much or How Little 

There is evidence that heavy alcohol intake accelerates the progression of liver disease in patients with metabolic syndrome (i.e. obesity and type 2 diabetes). While daily intake of a cup of wine could have beneficial effects in the general population, consumption of 3 or more drinks in obese patients promotes the development of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.

Ramon Bataller (USA)

Session 11: Therapeutic Landscape for NASH - Panel Discussion
Hall A

Chair: Manuel Romero Gomez (Spain)

Current Compounds in Pivotal Trials
Vlad Ratziu (France)

Targets Under Evaluation in Early Phase Trials

A review of novel therapeutic agents and their targets that are currently under evaluation in clinical trials. 

Quentin M. Anstee (UK)

Drugs You Can Use in Your Office Today
Arun Sanyal (USA)

Bariatric Surgery-What is its Role
Rifaat Safadi (Israel) 


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